Assisted Living Services In Eastvale

What We Offer Our Residents

At A Silver Amore, our philosophy centers on making everyday life vibrant and rewarding for our residents. We provide a diverse array of amenities, engaging activities, and assisted living services at our Eastvale facility that are designed to keep our residents lively, involved, and joyfully entertained. Our team of caregivers recognizes the distinctiveness of each resident, and understands each of our seniors has their own set of needs and likes. This awareness drives us to personalize our care, activities, and dining options to suit each individual. Our assisted living facility in Eastvale promotes a sense of community to encourage a social atmosphere that nurtures the well-being, mental, physical, and spiritual health of everyone in our care.

Eastvale Hospice Care


We have adopted a philosophy of aging-in-place, which means your loved one does not have to relocate to a hospice facility to receive care. They can remain in their familiar environment to receive support from their friends and other social connections they have made during their time at A Silver Amore in Eastvale. Hospice care is not about the disease or condition; it’s about the person. Surrounded by familiar faces and assisted by caregivers they have come to love and trust, our seniors receive the same camaraderie, assistance, and care they rely on while in hospice care. Our Eastvale elder home makes it easy for the necessary medical staff to visit and provide the services necessary during the end-of-life phase.


Our respite care services in Eastvale are designed to temporarily relieve primary home caregivers of their duties in caring for elderly family members. This service, often found in senior living communities, is also known as temporary senior assisted care. It offers a valuable break for family caregivers, allowing them to focus on personal responsibilities, engage in hobbies, or to simply relax. Your loved one will experience a nurturing and engaging environment during their stay at A Silver Amore.

Eastvale Memory Care


Memory care is a specialized service provided in our assisted living home, and holds immense importance for our residents who live with memory impairments, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Seniors who need memory care in Eastvale need more than just help with the basic necessities of daily living. They need a sanctuary where they can live with dignity, respect, and a sense of belonging. The caregivers at A Silver Amore understand the unique challenges faced by those with memory loss, so we provide a structured environment that reduces stress and confusion. All our environments are designed with safety and ease of navigation in mind, helping to preserve the independence of each memory care resident as much as possible.

Eastvale Assisted Living Services

Assisted Living

Helping our residents with their daily tasks and enabling them to savor each moment is a cornerstone of our assisted living services in Eastvale. Time takes on a different meaning as we age, and it becomes increasingly precious. Assisted living should be a place where seniors can slow down, relish the simple pleasures, and enjoy the beauty of everyday experiences. By providing a supportive and engaging environment that encourages social interaction, the pursuit of personal passions, and the celebration of life’s little joys, we can ensure our residents truly thrive and continue to lead lives filled with purpose, happiness, and connection.

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