Eastvale Hospice Home

Hospice Care for Assisted Living Residents

A Silver Amore offers hospice care to enable our residents with the opportunity to continue aging in place in their final stages of life. Our hospice home in Eastvale provides a comprehensive suite of services—medical, emotional, and spiritual—directly to our residents in a familiar and comfortable environment. Being able to remain where they are eliminates the need for stressful relocations or to transition their care in their final days. With compassionate senior end-of-life care, our Eastvale team strives to reduce the emotional and financial strain for our seniors and their families.

Smooth Transition to Hospice

A hospice referral means our residents can remain in their assisted living home during their senior end-of-life care. At our Eastvale hospice home, the care team continues to provide the same personal care, and provides easy access for skilled professionals to provide the necessary medical care. A Silver Amore ensures seniors receive comfort-focused care along with their daily assisted living services.

A hospice evaluation nurse from our Eastvale assisted living facility will come to consult with you and your loved one with an assessment of their condition, along with an assessment of the services we provide if any additional services will be needed to ensure your loved one’s comfort.


Advantages of Hospice Care in Assisted Living

The skilled team at our hospice home in Eastvale works with your attending physician and other medical professionals to bring added layers of support to you and to your loved one, reducing your stress and ensuring proper handling of all things related to your loved one’s diagnosis:

    • Management of scheduled visits from a multidisciplinary hospice care team: nurse, aide, doctor, social worker, chaplain, and volunteer.
    • Management of the medications and medical care prescribed by the attending doctor, with updates to the plan as needed.
    • Collaboration with the hospice aide, social worker, chaplain, and any volunteers to provide personal, emotional, and spiritual support.
    • Prompt provision of medical equipment like hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, bedside commodes, medications, and other necessary supplies.
    • A Silver Amore offers specialized symptom management to enhance the resident’s comfort. This may include high-flow oxygen, wound care, fluid management, and other integrative approaches.
    • Our end of life care team in Eastvale will provide continuous support for discussions about care goals, advanced care planning, and advance directives to understand the resident’s perspective on their diagnosis, symptoms, and prognosis, and to clarify their end-of-life care preferences as their health deteriorates.
    • Support at the moment of passing, including notifying the physician and coordinating with the funeral home.
    • Prompt completion of the death certificate by a physician.

Our hospice care at A Silver Amore is a compassionate and comprehensive option for senior end-of-life care in Eastvale. It allows your loved one to remain in the familiar surroundings of their assisted living home, and lets you rest assured your loved one will continue to receive the same compassionate care we’ve offered since they first became a resident in our care home. When the time comes, we’re here to offer compassionate care and assisted living support at our Eastvale facility.